Accredited POS & ESDC

As a user of Electronic Fiscal Device (EFD), you are responsible for ensuring that your POS is compatible with the External or Virtual SDC so that it can communicate with SDC of your choice.SDC compatible means that POS has equal connectivity settings which must be adjusted to meet manufacturer’s installation requirements.FRCS is provider of Virtual SDC (VSDC) which requires Internet connection to produce a transaction. External SDC (ESDC) is produced by third party vendors.

Listed here are information about the products that have met technical requirements for obtaining certificate to become POS and ESDC accredited products.With this list we issue a confirmation of accreditation that recognises the compatibility of the POS with SDC giving the fact that physical interfaces are compatible (ask suppliers for details).


Date Product Name Type of product Type of accreditation Supplier Hw version Sw version

Contact Details

14/03/2018 Precise POS POS Transferable* Precise Business Solutions N/A 10.0.3 adrian.robson@precisebusiness.com.au
(08) 92425933
13/03/2018 SoftPOS POS Transferable* Softnet Solutions N/A 3.0.1 rajniel@softnetsolutions.com.fj
13/03/2018 IS-100 ESDC Transferrable* Inspur Software Group N/A 2.0.xx info@datec.com.fj

(+679) 3314411, (+679) 8641332
12/03/2018 LS NAV 2017 POS Transferrable* Enovasions Limited N/A kpatel@enovasions.com.fj
+679 9929495/3304121
02/03/2018 My Retail POS Non-Transferrable** Carpenters Fiji Ltd. N/A M7.xx  N/A Download
28/02/2018 FRCS Free POS POS Transferrable* FRCS N/A 1.13 N/A Download
27/02/2018 LS-Retail 2017 POS Non-Transferrable** New World Supermarket N/A N/A Download
27/02/2018 ES POS POS Transferrable* Make It Easy Ltd. N/A 2.1.xx support@makeiteasy.co.nz
+642 1992505
23/02/2018 LinkPOS POS Transferrable*   Link   Business  Solutions N/A 8.3.2 sanjeet@linktechnologies.com
23/02/2018 InfinityPOS POS Transferrable*   Pacific IT Solutions N/A 5.6 DB 79.2 ashik@pacitisolutions.com
23/02/2018 Need ERP POS Transferrable*   Need ERP Solutions PTE N/A 18.2.16 bharatbc@gmail.com
23/02/2018 SoftSDC ESDC Transferrable*   I Computer Solutions N/A 2.0.xx  www.softsdc.com Download


*Model under this accreditation can be sold by designated supplier only. Accreditation is transferrable to taxpayer who purchases this product

**Model under this accredtiation can be used by taxpayer listed on the accreditation only. Accreditation is not transferrable to other taxpayers

Be advised that any change made to a accredited product voids its accreditation.

The accreditation is only applicable to the product in the configuration that has been evaluated by Fiji Revenue and Customs Service.



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