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Ruian Golden Future Shoes Ind.,Ltd, located at Ruian ,Wenzhou,Zhejiang,which is one of the cities with the most energetic economy in China.We specialize in safety shoes,work shoes,labor protection shoes,welder protection shoes and mountain climbing shoes, we have 2 injection assembly lines and 1 cement assembly lines,with the effort of more than 300 employees,including professional and technical personnel of 50 people,our annual production and sales of safety shoes is more than 1.2 million pairs.All of our products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions such as Europe,Middle East,US,Australia,South-east Asia etc.At present,the company owns internationally advanced shoe-making technique and equipment,our shoes could be functioned as electric insulation,antistatic,impact resistance,anti penetration,waterproof and acid/alkali resistant.Except for common safety shoes,the company also supplies leisure styles and sport styles.
Golden Future will grasp opportunities and initiate cooperation with domestic and overseas companies in different levels and fields.Based on complementary advantages and mutual benefits,Golden Future will create a promising future with all of you.Men's Slip Resistant Sneakers Made in China




JIUDING INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Specializing in the production of Pneumatic Actuator, Electric Actuator,Hydraulic Actuator, Electric Valve,Pneumatci Valve manufacturing (gas pneumatic butterfly valve,pneumatic ball valve),hydraulic valve,regulation valve, automatic control valve and all kinds of industrial valves and other various specifications of the various series.
Our History
Founded a successful company in 2009. Development of growth 2014. Successfully enter the market of each city. Grow up 2015. From a few employees to a big family. The quality of growth 2016. Continuously improve the quality of the quality, to achieve the desired results. The Company Trend 2018. Officially entered the foreign trade industry, starting to the international market. A small start ,a little progress to the challenge impossible,fighting the wave of negative energy,trying to find the way to success.
Our Factory
JIUDING INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.is located in 鈥淐hina valve village鈥滵ong鈥檕u Industrial Are,Yongjia County,Wenzhou,Zhejiang.
Company will keep with new look,new ideas,continuous reform.
And innovation,design and produce more and better products to update the users feedback.facing the new market competition and the pattern of global economic integration,jiuding automatic will be adhering to the 鈥渄evelopment concept of quality decision power鈥?adhere to the 鈥渋ntegrity-based,authoritative,abide by the commitment,innovation,forge ahead,steady development鈥漰olicy,vigorously pro-mote technological innovation,capital operation, internationalization development strategy three promote the transform action from the tra-ditional enterprise jiuding automatic to high -tech industry, respect knowledge talent,build an uplifting,unity and hard work of the 鈥渏iuding鈥漢umanistic spirits, to create鈥漵trength of enterprises鈥漵triving for the brilliant jiuding automatic control.
Our Products
AT Series Pneumatic Actuator
Actuator indicator, end cover, cylinder block color can be produced according to customer requirements, can also be branded production.
2. Electric Actuator
3. GT Series Pneumatic Actuator
Actuator indicator, end cover, cylinder block color can be produced according to customer requirements, can also be branded production
4. JDZ Series Direct travel Pneumatic Atcuator
5. JD Series Pneumatic Piston Actuator
Product Features
鈼?Easy to manufacture large size cylinder block
鈼?High output torque flexible action,anti friction property
鈼?Low friction material device avoids between metal contact
Assembly Valves
鈼?Assembly Valves
鈼?Butterfly Valve
鈼?Ball Valve
鈼?Globe Valve
鈼?Plug Valve
Design Standard
鈼?Filter pressure reducing valves
鈼?Limit Switch
鈼?Solenoid Valve
鈼?Locking Valve
鈼?Speed regulating valve
Products Application
JIUDING INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.mainly produces pneumatic valves,pneumatic butterfly valves,pneumatic ball valves,and various industrial valves and other specification of variety of series of automatic control valves.Strive in the petroleum and chemical industry,metallurgy,electric power,building,heating,water supply and drainage, water treatment and other industries with high visibility and influence,continuous innovation in science and technology,and strive to develop the country generation,mainly by Chinese GB,JB,API,ANSI American standard production.And,according to the special requirements of users smelting and manufacturing.the products are widely used in chemical industry,water treatment equipment, fertilizer, metallurgy, power, pharmaceutical, petrochemical introduction of the valve device ancillary products sold throughout the country and exported to the Middle East,Southeast Asia,Europe and the United States for all developed countries and regions.Welcome to inquire, order.
Our Production Equipment
Numerical / Control CNC, Lathe, Drilling Machine, Small drilling machine, Cutting Machine, Grinding Machine
Jiuding Service Commitment
In order to ensure that the user is assured, the normal use of the company's products, the following rules are formulated as the company's after-sales service commitments:
All kinds of valves provided by our company are designed, manufactured and checked by GB, JB, SH, HG and other relevant domestic standards, as well as ANSI, API, JIS, BS, DIN and other foreign standards.
The company has achieved ISO9001 international quality certification, has a complete quality system, implemented by the general manager responsibility system, and by the technical manager as management representative, running state and timely report to general manager of quality system, the establishment of a technical manager under the leadership of the quality inspection department, raw materials, components, parts of the Department of any subcontractor provided in the factory are required to undergo a rigorous review inspection before the quasi storage. Strict inspection of the first and intermediate inspection of forgings, castings and raw materials provided by the Contractor shall be carried out, and unqualified parts shall not be assembled. After assembly, according to GB13927, JB/T9092 and API598 standards for strength, sealing comprehensive test.
After-sales service: the company's products have been strictly tested and tested, the company promised: since the product sold for 18 months or products installed within 12 months (to arrive at the limit). In the warranty period, due to product quality problems caused by damage or is not working properly, the company responsible for the repair or replacement, and provide the relevant knowledge of maintenance; during the warranty period, as a result of improper use or in the warranty period, caused by damage or is not working properly, the company provides paid service to the product life-long maintenance the user, if necessary, the company provides free consultation. In the process of installation and debugging, if there are technical problems, the company will send technical personnel for technical services, discuss and solve technical problems together.
Four, the user in the use of the company's products in the process of problems or information, please timely feedback to our company, so that the company timely processing, improvement and improvement. Respond to questions raised by users within 6 hours. If necessary, the company will send the chief engineer led by the interview group to collect information about product quality feedback, in order to improve.Pneumatic High Platform Ball Valve

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