Private Importers

A consignment is a private importation if imported by an individual person for personal use.

The good(s) should not be for sale or to be used for commercial purpose(s).

An importer includes an owner or his agent, or any other person for the time being possessed of or beneficially interested in, any goods at the time of the importation there

Concession Provision

Goods imported by private individuals through parcel post or air freight, will not be dutiable if the value is less than FJ$400, as provided in 2017-HS-with-2017-and-2018-Budget Changes.

When Duty is Applicable

If value of importation is more than FJ$400, your duty will be charged on the full amount.

The Customs Officer at the station will assist you on how much to pay and how to clear your goods.

Refer below for various types of clearance requirements.

Imports Via Air or Sea

Shipping companies, airlines, or freight forwarders will usually provide arrival papers (such as the bill of lading, airway bill, or arrival advice) around the time the shipment is due to arrive.

You will be required to arrange any necessary permits from other agencies (such as agriculture clearances or firearms permits).
You will need to provide Customs with:

  • Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) registration certificate or TIN ID card
  • Registration under Automated Systems for Customs Data (ASYCUDA) if Customs entry will be made by the importer
  • permits issued from other agencies, if applicable.
  • evidence of your identity (such as your passport or drivers license).
  • the arrival documentation from the shipping company, airline, or freight forwarder.
  • for purchases via e-mail, internet, or mail order – evidence of the value from the supplier (such as an invoice).

Note: Any importation by sea freight regardless of any value will be required to pay Customs Duty and VAT. If the importer does not provide the value, then Customs will assess value in terms of WTO/GATT valuation to collect proper duty and VAT.

Imports Via Mail

Where it is clear the importation is for a private individual and the parcel declaration contains sufficient information, the Parcel Notification Duty Entry (PNDE) will be sent to the recipient by Post Fiji.

If further information is required in order for an assessment to be made, or permits from other agencies are required (such as firearms permits), the owner will be notified at the time of clearance.

Air Way Bill (AWB)

  • While scrutinizing AWB for private packages, where there is no mention of content, value etc, the Customs Officer shall stamp the AWB with Examination Requirement; the importer has to provide the necessary document for clearance.
  • AWB clearly indicates the content and value of goods, the Officer shall calculate the Value For Duty (VFD) and if the VFD is exceeding FJ$400 in the judgment of Officer, the package may not contain any other goods, the Officer shall assess the duty according to the duty rate corresponding to the classification of goods.
  • AWB in which the VFD after calculation is found to be exceeding FJ$500, the Officer shall stamp the AWB with Customs Entry Required Stamp. The importer has to produce a Customs Entry (SAD).

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