Customs Laws & Regulations

  Customs Act
     Customs Act – Revised 2 March 2016
     Customs Act – Revised 21 Jan 2013
     Customs Act – Revised 29 Jan 2010
     Customs Act 1986
  Customs Regulation
     Customs Regulations 1986 Revised Jan 2013
     Customs (Prohibited Import and Exports) (Amendment) (No.2) Regulations 2012
     Customs Regulations 1986 Revised Jan 2010
     Customs (Prohibited Imports and Exports) Regulations Revised
     Customs (Prohibited Imports and Exports) Regulations
     Customs Regulations 1986
     Delegation of Comptroller’s Power to Compound Offense
  Customs Tariff Act
     Customs Tariff (Amendment) Decree 22nd November 2013*New*
     Customs Tariff (Amendment) Decree 2012_Govt Gazette No. 69
     Customs Tariff Act – Revised 29 Jan 2010
     Customs Tariff (Amendment) Decree 2010
     Customs Tariff Classification Opinion Fee Regulations 1991
     Customs Tariff Act 1986
     Customs Tariff (Industrial Rebates) Regulations 1986
     Customs Tariff Act-Code 239
  Customs Excise Act
     Excise & Customs (Amendment) Regulations 22nd November 2013*New*
     Excise & Customs (Amendment) Regulations 2007
     Excise Act 1986 – Cap. 199 Rev. 2006
     Excise Act 1986
     Excise Act 1986 (Revised)
  Airport Departure Tax
     Airport Departure Tax (Revised Budget Amendment) Decree 2013*New*
     Airport Departure Tax (Revised Budget Amendment) Decree 2010
     Airport Departure Tax – Customs Prohibited Imports and Export
  Super-yacht Decree
     Super-yacht Charter Decree
  Wreck & Salvage Act
     Wreck and Salvage Act Cap 1988
  Merchandise Marks Act
      Merchandise Marks Act Cap 24
  Water Resource Tax
     Water Resource Tax Promulgation – 25 May 2011
  Copyright Act
     Copyright Act 1999
  Court of Review Rules
     Customs (Court of Review) Rules
     FRCS (Amendment) Decree 2012 Govt Gazette No. 70
     FRCS Act – Revised 29 Jan 2010

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