Key Tax Obligations

All our customers should register with FRCS for the following reasons:

  • Starting a new job.
  • Starting a new business.
  • Opening up a bank account.
  • Engaging in any purchase or sale of a capital asset.
  • If you are a director, partner, shareholder, trustee, beneficiary or have legal rights in an entity.

Refer TIN Requirements for more information. 


Other Common Registration Types:

  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)
  • Provisional Tax (PT)
  • Pay As You Earn (PAYE)

Click here to login to TPOS.
Refer Sign Up as a New Taxpayer to register a new TIN.
Refer Sign Up as an Existing Taxpayer for existing taxpayers.  
Refer TPOS FAQs for the frequently asked questions.

Customers should file their tax returns on time. The common filing due dates are below:

• Income Tax – within the first 3 months of the next fiscal year end. For example, if your fiscal year end is January to December, then you will have to file your return by the 31st March of the following year. Returns are to be lodged by all entities excluding Salary & Wage earners. There are certain scenarios under which Salary & Wage earners could lodge. You may contact us for more information.

• VAT – VAT is either lodged annually, quarterly or monthly. The general rule for the due date is the following month of the ending VAT period. For example, January to December 2022 annual VAT return is due by January 31st 2023. January to March 2022 quarterly VAT return is due by April 30th 2022. January 2022 monthly VAT return is due by February 28th, 2022.

*Note: the due date is the last working day available in the week.

Refer Filing Obligations for more information. 

Our customers should lodge their returns declaring all their world-wide income. We will apply our exemptions and assess your income accordingly. Customers should also attach all relevant source documents where possible. There are times where we have to audit entities who fail to declare their income properly and these lead to further penalties. Some customers overclaim their expenses resulting in a loss situation and these returns could be scrutinized by our officers.

There are due dates provided on all assessments and customers should pay these taxes on time. Paying taxes on time is a priority as it affects the quality of service provided to all citizens. Please consult our office if you have any issues on the assessment due dates. You can also engage into a Time to Pay Arrangement to clear your debt. 

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