The Board

Mr. Ajith Kodagoda

Mr. Ajith Kodagoda – Board Chairman

Mr. Kodagoda was appointed in July, 2011.

He is also the Chairman of the Fiji National Provident Fund, Amalgamated Telecom Holdings and Vodafone Fiji Limited and also serves as a Director of Home Finance Company.

Mr. Faiz Khan

Mr. Faiz Khan – Board Director

Mr. Khan was appointed in September, 2010.

He is the Principal Lawyer at Faiz Khan & Associates. He is also the Executive Chairman of the Fiji Pine Group of Companies and is the Acting Chairman of Airports Fiji Ltd.

Ms. Makereta Konrote

Ms. Makereta Konrote – Board Director

Ms. Konrote was appointed in 2016.

Ms. Makereta Konrote is the Permanent Secretary for Economy and has spent 17 years working in the Ministry of Economy. She is acknowledged as an expert in economic planning and financial policy analysis.

Mr. Jone Vatukela

Mr. Jone Vatukela – Board Director

Mr. Vatukela was appointed in October 2009.

He is a retired Banking professional and is an Associate of the Bankers’ Institute of New Zealand. He also served in the Civil Service as the Acting Director of the National Centre for Small and Micro Enterprises Development.

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