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VAT Supplies

What is the current VAT rate and how do we determine the VAT portion from the VIP amount?

The current VAT rate is 15% and the VAT portion is calculated as three upon twenty three (3/23) of the VIP amount.

Can you please inform me if VAT applies to supplies of kava in Fiji?

VAT will only apply to supplies of kava if the supplier is registered for VAT purposes. If the supplier is registered, he should give you a tax invoice if you buy from him. The supplier’s tax invoice should have his tax identification number (TIN). You do not have to register for VAT if the gross income is less than FJ$100,000.

Is the insurance indemnity payment subject to VAT?

Any payment received by a registered person that is relating to a loss incurred in respect of goods and services in the course or furtherance of making taxable supplies is subject to VAT.

Our company engages an overseas company to provide consultancy services and we are registered for VAT purposes. Are we required to account for VAT on the payments made to the overseas company?

The VAT Decree requires you to pay FRCA the VAT reverse charge, which is 15% of the gross payment amount. FRCA will require you to account for this tax upfront, before applying for tax clearance. You are entitled also to claim the same amount as input VAT when you lodge the respective VAT return provided you furnish us with the overseas supplier’s invoice.

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