Register for TIN

How do I register?

General Registration Requirements (Proof of Identity)

All businesses who should register with FRCA must complete the standard registration form.

You are to complete either of the following:

  • An Application for Registration of Sole Trader Businesses – (IRS001) if you are a Sole Trader. The form is for registration of the following:
    • sole traders (i.e. people who carry on a business as self-employed)
    • partners in a partnership.
    • beneficiaries (i.e. people who receive income from a trust or estate).
    • investment income earners (people who receive income from rent, interest, dividends, etc.), who now pay or will pay provisional tax.

You must submit one of the following together with your business license and birth certificate when registering:

1 Driver’s licence & Wheel Tax Certificate
2 FNPF card
3 Passport
4 Official ID card
5 Proof of residential address (FEA/Water Bill; City/Town Council Bill; Housing Authority Statements; TLTB and Lands Dept. Notice/Bills; Rental Notices or receipts from landlords


1 Certified Copy of Passport Page showing the photograph and passport number
2 Certified Copy of Passport showing Immigration stamp (where applicable)
    • a partnership.
    • a trust (including a unit trust).
    • an estate of a deceased person.
    • a charitable organization or non-profit body.
    • a company whether public or private.

You must submit the following:

1 Partnership Partnership Deed/Agreement
    TINS of the partners
2 Company (Private/Public) Certificate of incorporation
    Memo/Articles of Association
    TINS of directors
3 Trust (including a Unit Trust) Deed of Trust
    TINS of the trustees
4 Estate of a deceased person Probate statement from the executor
    Copy of the Will
    TIN of the beneficiaries
5 Charitable Organisation or Non-Profit body Certificate of incorporation
    Memo/Articles of Association
    Registration Certificate

A business license needs to be submitted in addition to the above requirements in the case of a trading business.

*A site inspection would need to be carried out after a TIN is issued.

Completing the Registration Form

Registration with the Taxation Division (Customer Enquiry Centre) means any or all of the following:

  •  getting a TIN for the first time.
  •  becoming a person who pays Value Added Tax (VAT) to FRCA.
  •  becoming a person who pays Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) tax to FRCA.
  •  becoming a person who pays Service Turnover Tax (STT) to FRCA
  •  becoming a person who pays Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) to FRCA
  •  becoming a person who pays Social Responsibility Levy (SRL) to FRCA
  •  becoming a person or vendor for Capital Gains Tax (CGT) purpose
  •  become a person or promoter for Gambling Turnover Tax (GTT) purpose

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