License of Goods

All restricted goods require permit or license from different government authorities.

All goods that are exported from Fiji with the value exceeding FJ$20,000 requires export license (form F) which can be obtained through the Reserve Bank of Fiji. Click here for prohibited and restricted Imports and exports.

License for Bonded Warehouse

The license fees payable for each bonded warehouse shall be a minimum of FJ$1279.80 per year. And if the building, storage tank or enclosure in respect of which such license is issued has a capacity of more then 50 cubic meter, the amount to be paid for such license shall increase at the rate of FJ$1 for every additional cubic meter of storage space above 50 cubic meters but shall not in any one case exceed FJ$1794 for the whole of one year.

The license shall expire on the 31st December of each year and if the license is not paid by 7th January of the following year or the Comptroller of Customs may refuse to allow any transaction to take place in the warehouse. Reference regulation 63

Customs Agents License

The license fee payable by a Customs Agent shall be FJ$255.55 per annum and if it is not paid by 7th January of the following year, the Comptroller of Customs may refuse to allow any Customs transaction or business to be carried out by the agent until such fee is paid. Reference Customs Regulation 129.

Customs Carriers License

An annual fee of FJ$127.80 is payable for each license. Reference Customs Regulation 132.

Licenses for Vehicles and Boats used for Carrier

Each vehicle or boat employed for the carriage of goods subject to Customs control shall be separately licensed. For such purpose and the Customs carrier concerned, shall pay an annual fee of FJ$25.55 in respect of each such vehicle or boat. Reference Customs Regulation 133.

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