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Departing Fiji

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Help with customs formalities when you depart from Fiji.

  • On departure
  • Export restriction

On Departure


Before departing Fiji, you may not need to declare your personal effects except:

  • if you have in your possession currency in excess of FJ$5,000 in foreign currency equivalent and FJ$500 (any excess currency beyond the approved amount needs approval from the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji)
  • if you have in your possession equipment that you may carry with you when you return to Fiji and which may exceed your arrival passenger allowance
  • if you have in your possession $10,000 or more in Fijian currency or Foreign currency equivalent (includes negotiable bearer instruments), you will be required to fill in a Border Cash Reporting Form. Please refer to Customs Officer at the point of departure.

Tourist VAT Refund Scheme (TVRS)

The Tourist VAT refund Scheme (TVRS) came into effect on 1 February, 2010 as part of the 2010 Budget Policies. When goods are purchased in Fiji, a Tourist is required to pay VAT on the purchase which may be refunded at the time of departure if the retailer is registered under TVRS. The TVRS will allow a tourist to claim a refund (subject to certain conditions) of VAT paid on goods purchased in Fiji and taken out of Fiji via the Nadi International Airport or the Suva Wharf ONLY.

For more information on the Scheme and its conditions, click here [1].

Migration from Fiji to another Country

  • any person who is migrating from Fiji has to obtain Tax clearance from Revenue Collection Division of FRCS.

Baggage search

Baggage or person may be subject to search by other border enforcement agencies.


Export restrictions

Certain goods like drugs, birds, Fijian artifacts etc. You will be required to fulfill certain requirements to enable you to export such. Please Contact Us or any Customs office [2] at the following ports: Suva, Lautoka, Nadi, Nausori, Levuka, Oinafa and Savusavu or email customshelp@frcs.org.fj or info@frcs.org.fj.

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species

Agricultural Items

It is recommended that you visit the Agricultural Quarantine department should you intend to export or carry on hand the following classes of goods:

  • food of any kind.
  • plants or parts of plants (live or dead).
  • animals (live or dead) or their products.
  • equipment used with animals.
  • equipment such as camping gear, golf clubs, and used bicycles.
  • biological specimens.

Firearms and weapons

The exportation of firearms is restricted and a police permit to export is required. Please declare to Customs officer or security officer on departure any firearms and weapons for safekeeping and later collection.


There are restrictions on currency being taken out of Fiji by passengers under the Exchange Control Act and the Financial Transactions Act. However, if a passenger is in possession of FJ$10,000 or more in Fijian currency or Foreign currency equivalent (includes negotiable bearer instruments), you will be required to fill in a Border Cash Reporting Form. You are to contact the Customs Officer at the point of departure.

Reserve Bank of Fiji [3] approval would be required for carrying currency in excess of FJ$5,000 equivalent in foreign currency and FJ$500 cash. Should excess currency be found in your possession, you would be liable for prosecution and the seizure or forfeiture of the currency to the Government of Fiji.

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