Customs Agents Registration

Customs Agents Registration

A person wishing to register as a Customs House Agent or Shipping Agent will need to apply in writing to the Chief Executive Officer. The Chief Executive Officer will make his decision at his own discretion.

Please check the following before applying

    • the company is registered with the companies office
    • applicant is already registered for tax purposes.
    • tax and customs compliance history.
    • other criteria’s that the Comptroller may advice. (Click here for more information) Refer Section 144 & 145 of Part XIX of Customs Act.

Once the Chief Executive Officer has approved an application the following will need to be paid to the Fiji Revenue & Customs Authority (FRCA):

      • bond security in the sum of FJ $10,000 is paid to FRCA or such other sum as may be prescribed.
      • An annual license fee amounting to FJ $250, after the bond is secured.

Annual Licence Fee Renewal

An annual licence fee amounting to FJ$250 has to be paid by Customs Broker who wishes to renew their registration. This should be paid to FRCA by 7 January of each year.

Authority to act on behalf of Customs House Agent

The Fiji Revenue & Customs Authority will only allow registered Customs House agents to act on behalf of consignees/importers. Click here to obtain the list of currently registered Customs House agents. Customs clerks are employed by the Customs House Agents.

Licensed Customs Clerk

A licensed Customs Clerk is the only person authorized by FRCA to clear and facilitate the documentation of imported and exported goods (including the signing of Customs documents) that are under Customs control.

A person wishing to register as a licensed Customs Clerk will need to obtain a Diploma in Business/Customs Administration from the Fiji National University (FNU) or had passed the Service Examination, which were administered by the former Customs department.

Once the Chief Executive Officer approval is granted, each applicant will need to secure a Customs Clerk bond amount of F$1,000.

Click here to find out more about the Customs agent obligation regarding the employing of Customs Clerk.

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